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Art in Paradise

NEARBY ATTRACTIONS Aster Hotel and Residence

ASTER Hotel & Residence  is private, cozy and intimate considering a small-scale residence hotel in Central Pattaya.

Art in Paradise

This art gallery presents a unique experience by ignoring all the traditional assumptions of what an art gallery should be. The art seen here is brought to life through the use of optical illusions and playing [...]

Pattaya Floating Market

Also known as the “Four Regions Floating Market”, this massive 100,000sqm development is divided into four zones which represent the major areas of Thailand: the north, northeast, central and south. Numerous s [...]

Koh Larn

With crystal clear water, long sandy beaches, and uncrowded beach spots, Koh Larn (Coral Island) is perfect for those looking for some quality leisure time. Located in South Pattaya, Coral Island is just a 7-ki [...]


Na Jomtien Beach

Located just 15 to 20 minutes by car from Pattaya, Na Jomtien Beach is the perfect day trip destination. A sparsely populated beach with gentle waves, a serene atmosphere, and amazing seafood restaurants, the b [...]

Walking Street Pattaya

The world-renowned street is quite unlike anything else in Thailand. Closed to vehicles from 18:00, almost every building on the main road – as well as the side streets – has something to pique your interest. [...]


Sanctuary of Truth

This truly awe-inspiring sanctuary is dedicated to philosophical truth, exploring the important role that religion, philosophy, religion, and art have played in human development. The sanctuary also highlights [...]

Underwater World Pattaya

This attraction is perfect as a delightful afternoon destination for the whole family. Showcasing the wide variety of marine life found around Pattaya and the region, it opens visitors up to the brilliance and [...]