Business Station

The Business Station at Altera Hotel and Residence Pattaya is more than just a workspace; it’s a hub of productivity designed for discerning travelers who require seamless integration of business and leisure. Recognizing the needs of our guests, we’ve crafted a professional and tranquil environment where work becomes a pleasure.


business station


This dedicated space within the hotel offers an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya. With its natural light-infused interiors, the Business Station presents a refined, contemporary aesthetic. The sleek furnishings and thoughtfully placed art pieces create a backdrop that inspires creativity and focus.

Our facilities are top-notch, equipped with high-speed internet to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. The workspace includes state-of-the-art computers, printing services, and ergonomic chairs, providing the comforts of an office with the convenience of a hotel service. The layout accommodates both individual concentration and collaborative efforts, with private desks and communal areas that foster a sense of community among traveling professionals.

Additional amenities, such as access to meeting rooms complete with audio-visual equipment, allow for the hosting of professional gatherings or impromptu brainstorming sessions. For those extended work sessions, the station is also equipped with a refreshment area, where you can grab a coffee or a snack to keep the energy flowing.

The convenience of our Business Station extends beyond the physical space. Our dedicated staff is on hand to assist with any administrative support you may require. From secretarial tasks to booking local services or arranging transport, we are here to ensure that your business requirements are met without a hitch.

Located strategically within the hotel, the Business Station ensures that once your work is done, the restorative amenities of Altera Hotel and Residence Pattaya are just steps away. Whether it’s a dip in the pool to unwind or a visit to our restaurant for a delicious meal, the balance between work and relaxation is always within reach.

With Altera Hotel and Residence Pattaya’s Business Station, we invite you to redefine your work experience. Here, every element is aligned to support your success and enhance your stay. We assure you that your business trip will be as rewarding as it is memorable, with our comprehensive offerings designed to meet your professional needs.