Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine

Experience the Enchantment of Bangkok: Erawan Shrine and the Grace of Nang Ram

Immerse yourself in Bangkok’s cultural heartbeat while staying at Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85, where the city’s heritage comes to life with a 21-minute drive to the mystical Erawan Shrine. This haven not only provides spiritual solace, but it also serves as a stage for the exquisite art of Thai folk dance performed by Nang Ram dancers, whose grace and beauty embody the essence of Thai traditions.




A combination of spirituality and performance

The Erawan Shrine is a haven of peace and devotion, with the golden statue of Phra Phrom, Thailand’s version of the Hindu god Brahma. This sacred site is alive with the energy of prayers and wishes from both locals and tourists. Among the incense and jasmine, the Nang Ram dancers move with hypnotic precision, dancing with the gods that is as important to the shrine as the statues and altars.

Erawan Shrine’s spiritual experience includes “Nang Ram,” or Thai folk dancers, who represent the country’s heritage. These dancers, dressed in vibrant costumes and shimmering headdresses, perform the Lam Tang San, a traditional expression of gratitude and reverence. Their performances are more than just entertainment; they are considered offerings to deities in exchange for blessings, making for a deeply moving spectacle.


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Seamless Access from Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85

Our guests at Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85 have easy access to this cultural landmark. Take a quick and comfortable drive, or board the BTS Skytrain at On Nut station, a short walk from our doors, and arrive at BTS Chit Lom in 18 minutes. For a fare of ฿16 to ฿60, you can travel not only across the city, but also into the heart of Thai culture.

More Than Just a Visit

Your journey to the Erawan Shrine extends beyond the spiritual. It is an exploration of Bangkok’s vibrant culture. Surrounded by vibrant street markets, you can savor the flavors of local cuisine, admire the craftsmanship of Thai artisans, and get lost in the rhythmic beats of traditional music. It’s an opportunity to see firsthand the harmony between everyday life and sacred tradition.

An Invitation to Connect with Thai Culture

The Erawan Shrine, with its Nang Ram, welcomes those seeking a touch of the divine, the joy of dance, or a moment of peace amidst the city’s excitement. It is a testament to Thailand’s living history and spiritual depth, and it is conveniently located near Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85.


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Join us at Hotel Amber Sukhumvit 85, where our gracious hospitality and opulent accommodations will enhance your spiritual exploration of Bangkok. Book your stay and be a part of the story that unfolds through Bangkok’s streets and around the Erawan Shrine.

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