Snack Corner

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Snack Corner

Open Daily : 24 Hours

Snack Corner at Hotel Amber Pattaya is the place to be when your stomach starts to grumble, even in the wee hours. Nestled conveniently within the hotel premises, it is the perfect spot for guests who find themselves craving a late-night bite or an early morning munch. No need to watch the clock – it’s open 24 hours a day! Whether you’re returning from a night out or up early for a sunrise view, you can always swing by.


Snack Corner



While there, you’ll find a variety of snacks to curb any hunger pangs. From chips to chocolates, there’s something for every taste. Not just limited to snacks, the corner also stocks up on refreshing beverages. Whether you want a cold soda to quench your thirst or bottled water after a day at the beach, they’ve got you covered.


So, next time you’re at Hotel Amber Pattaya and you feel a little peckish, remember the Snack Corner is always there for a quick grab of drinks and snacks. It’s convenient, accessible, and stocked with your favorite treats.



Floor: Lobby Level

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